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Fee-Based Investment Solutions

Altos Financial Management was founded in 1996 with the client's financial well-being as the number one priority. With over 80 years of combined financial services experience on our team, Altos Financial Management provides the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your investment goals.  Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

As fee-only investment advisors, we share common goals with our clients – as account values grow, so do our fees. We do not receive or share in commissions from the sale of financial products, so placement of client funds into loaded products would be counter-productive. In addition, our objective is to minimize transaction costs wherever possible – to that goal, we recommend low-cost brokers such as Charles Schwab and T.D. Ameritrade as custodians of client assets. 

For maximum protection of investor assets, our clients give us only a limited trading authorization, allowing us to make discretionary purchases and sales of publicly-traded investments. As sole owners of their accounts, clients are the only persons authorized to deposit and withdraw funds*. We neither have the power to co-mingle assets between clients, nor to change a client's broker.


* As an exception and when so authorized by the client, we are allowed to deduct our advisory fees directly from a client's account. We give notice to clients on the timing of fee deduction and on how fees are calculated.      

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