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Altos Financial Management exists to help clients manage their money with the appropriate blend of risk and return.  We match the client's personal financial goals with our own investment strategy to help the client attain financial peace of mind.  We generally manage client investments under two broad category styles – tactical and strategic.  Each client account is individually tailored to meet specific risk and return criteria.


Moderate Growth and Capital Preservation

Investors with shorter-term horizons who do not want to experience high volatility are more suited to the tactical accounts. The objective of the tactical accounts is to provide moderate growth with capital preservation. Dependent on client objectives, we generally hold a mixture of diversified investments such as exchange traded funds (ETF'S), no-load mutual funds, real estate investment trusts (REIT's), certificates of deposit (CD's), U.S. treasury bills, notes and bonds, and money market funds.

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Long-Term Growth

Investors with longer-term horizons are more suited to the strategic accounts which remain fully invested but can also experience higher volatility. The goal of the strategic accounts is to capture the long-term investment returns for a given asset mix. We generally hold diversified ETF's, individual stocks, individual bonds, REIT's, and money market funds. Dependent on client objectives and risk tolerance, we can invest in blue chip stocks and also technology companies. For instance, we were an early (post-IPO) investor in local tech companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Arista Networks.

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